Lighthouse Sfera is a recreation centre located in a quiet, peaceful corner of the Kopalino village, very close to the beautiful and picturesque Kopalinski Lake. The place is surrounded by forest that borders on a sandy and wide beach with clear waters of the Baltic Sea.

There is something here for everyone. Come visit us and immerse yourself in one of our thematic Lighthouses. If you are looking for calmness, beautiful landscapes, a close relation with nature and a pinch of luxury, you will find it for sure in the Lighthouse Sfera.



Get a taste of an adventure, discover fabulous landscapes and plan your next trips!
Immerse yourself in the music rhythms, relax your soul and discover your unknown inner talents!
Feel the calmness of nature, soothe your body, and recharge your batteries for the next life challenges!
Feel freedom, happiness and be happy of the taste of youth!
Sit comfortably in a hammock, close your eyes and find inspiration and passion for creation!
Take a deep breathe to charge your batteries and bravely sail the ocean of life!
Snuggle into the ethno style, get carried away by wild nature and face the adventure!
Fell the lightness of the wind and go barefoot to the beach !